Founded by award-winning public relations specialist Deanna Nott, Wings Public Relations is focused on extending your reach.


With almost three decades of experience, our team can help your business or organisation soar to new heights. We have proven success in developing and delivering innovative media, publicity and communication campaigns. We understand how to build and protect your reputation. Wings Public Relations can add value by extending your reach to audiences that you never dreamed possible.


Deanna Nott

Our director Deanna Nott has been working in the public relations and journalism industry for almost three decades. Having started her career as a journalist on the Gold Coast, she moved into public relations in the mid 90s. She has held senior private and public sector roles both in Australia and overseas, including several executive level positions in the Department of Defence and local government. She is a Member of the Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors, a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, and is a supporter of Common Ground Queensland - helping end homelessness.


Tiffany McLean

Public Relations Consultant

Tiffany McLean joins the Wings Public Relations team with experience in strategic planning, communications, as well as media and stakeholder relations. Previously, Tiffany worked in public relations for a university in Toronto, Canada. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Studies from the University of Guelph as well as a Diploma in Media Communications from Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Currently, Tiffany is pursuing a Master of Communication degree from Bond University. 


Maryne Glas

Public Relations Consultant

Maryne Glas joins the Wings Public Relations team with passion and experience in copywriting, blogging, public speaking and media relations. Previously, Maryne worked as a freelance copywriter completing blog posts and website copy for a diverse range of clients. She holds a Bachelor of Communications from Bond University majoring in Public Relations and Advertising.

Marnie Avagiannis
Social Media Specialist

Marnie Avagiannis has been working as a make up artist and photographer in the film and television industry for the past 30 years, discovering her talents within the social media arena some nine years ago when she launched her first blog 3pickles. Since then she has not only launched other blogs including 3pickles Eat and MarnieMakeup, but also has had great success in extending reach and exposure for a range of consumer brands through other social media platforms. Marnie, who works as a contractor to Wings PR, is renowned for knowing the market and targeting specific audiences through a variety of social media strategies.

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Open Positions

Public Relations Consultant

You will have experience in handling all aspects of planned publicity campaigns and PR activities during periods of crisis.

Other tasks include:

  • planning publicity strategies and campaigns
  • writing and producing presentations and media releases
  • dealing with enquiries from the public, the media, and related organisations
  • organising promotional events such as media conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits
  • providing clients with information about new promotional opportunities and PR campaign progress
  • analysing media coverage
  • commissioning or undertaking relevant market research
  • liaising with clients, managerial and journalistic staff about budgets, timescales and objectives
  • designing, writing and/or producing presentations, media releases, articles, leaflets, ‘in-house' journals, reports, publicity brochures, information for web sites and promotional videos.



  • Minimum two year's experience in a similar role
  • A degree in journalism, public relations or communication

Public Relations Intern

You will be studying a degree in journalism, public relations or communication. Show us you are keen to learn and value add to our business.



  • Studying for a degree in journalism, public relations or communication - second year


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