Insitec is Australia’s tactical edge in the digital world and a vital link in the nation’s ICT backbone. Insitec’s team of 200+ technical staff design, build and maintain critical IT architecture and communications systems that solve complex operating problems. They have partnered with Defence for more than 20 years. Their experience working with classified information and communications systems for the battlefield gives them the edge when it comes to engineering intelligent business systems for corporate and government enterprises and innovative solutions for emergency services nationwide.

The Task:

Having met the Wings Public Relations team at the Land Forces Conference, Insitec initially employed our team to produce a comprehensive communication strategy. This initial program of work expanded to implementation and a full refresh of the Insitec website was recently completed. The Wings PR team is now an integral part of the Insitec’s management executive team, working directly to the Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer. Wings PR is responsible for leading all marketing and communications, already developing Insitec’s new brand identity and brand narrative. One of the most fulfilling, ongoing roles is creating engaging, informative content for staff, contractors and external target audiences.