Department of Defence

The Australian Government’s Department of Defence identified the need to educate the public and Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) personnel about the dangers associated with Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).

The Task:

The Wings PR team was tasked with the development and implementation of a multi-pronged education and awareness campaign designed to inform the community, in particular school-aged children, adults and emergency service workers, especially police, of the dangers of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and the correct process to be followed should UXO be found. Furthermore, it was tasked with creating an internal communication strategy and implementation plan to inform and educate ADO personnel.

Consequently, the Wings PR team designed an integrated strategic communications strategy, with separate approaches for audiences ‘On the Defence Estate;’ and ‘Off the Defence Estate’, to shape public attitudes and behaviour around explosive devices, minimise risk and strongly support the Department of Defence Directorate’s responsibilities under new land management legislation inaugurated in 2018.

Wings PR is currently working with the Department of Defence to implement the long-term strategy which includes a range of targeted communication materials, such as audio visual and printed information to inform and educate the Defence and wider community about UXO and its hazardous nature. The roll-out of the program will soon see the development of an Off Defence Estate video, to inform and educate community members of the dangers associated with UXO, as well as community engagement in dozens of locations across the nation where UXO is known to be located.