Exail – formerly ECA Group and iXblue

Exail – formerly ECA Group and IXblue – has been a leading innovator and supplier of advanced technologies to Defence for almost 90 years. The privately-owned company has established a world class reputation for state-of-the art robotics, unmanned and remotely operated vehicles for sea, land and air operations.

ECA Group supports more than 30 military navies and commercial maritime operations worldwide, enabling mission success and ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

The company looks forward to sharing its sea proven and low-risk technology with Australia to help fast track the Royal Australian Navy’s sovereign ambitions in underwater mine warfare and military survey. ECA Group is committed to sharing its know-how with Australia and aims to establish lasting local partnerships that provide genuine Australian Industry Capability.

The Task:

After searching for an Australian public relations firm with skills and experience in the Defence industry, ECA Group – now Exail – selected Wings Public Relations as the ideal agency to provide the company with ongoing PR and engagement support. Following a successful introduction to the Australian market at Indo Pacific 2022, Wings is now rolling out a comprehensive communication strategy, having worked with the company to secure significant media coverage and provide government and client relations support. Recent key tasks have been to produce a comprehensive website and media kit.