Supportive Statement of Employing Reservists

At Wings Public Relations, we are proud to be a part of the Supportive Employer Program, recognising our commitment to supporting Australian Defence Force (ADF) reservists. We believe that employing reservists not only strengthens our team with their unique skills and experiences but also contributes to advancing Australia’s national interests.
As a supportive employer, we provide flexible leave policies, ensuring our reservist employees can fulfill their Defence commitments without sacrificing their civilian careers. Our dedication to supporting reservists is reflected in our policies and the positive, inclusive culture we foster within our organisation.
Being recognised as a supportive employer of ADF Reserves highlights our corporate responsibility and commitment to our national security. We display the Supportive Employer logo with pride, demonstrating our understanding and appreciation of the vital role that reservists play.
We encourage other employers to join us in this program, not only to support the ADF but to enhance their own workforce with the diverse skills and perspectives that reservists bring. By doing so, we contribute to a stronger, more resilient community and nation.