Royal Australian Navy

The Directorate of Navy Leadership and Culture Development (DNLCD) was formed on 1 July 2011, following Chief of Navy’s endorsement of a long term strategic approach to Navy Leadership Development. Dedicated to positively shifting organisational culture, in 2019 the Royal Australian Navy merged two key leadership and cultural directorates, forming the Directorate of Navy Culture. The merge incorporated New Generation Navy and the Directorate of Navy Leadership and Culture Development, to ensure more resources could be devoted to realising the leadership potential of Navy people and delivering on Chief of Navy’s culture program – NEXT Generation Navy.

The Task:

The Wings PR team is working with the Directorate of Navy Culture to produce inspiring, educational videos to help the Directorate achieve its mission to:
– Develop individuals and empower teams
– Enable a constructive culture
– Enhance Navy’s ability to fight and win at sea