Veteran Mentors

Veteran Mentors is a group of ex-servicemen and women who are enhancing the lives of teenagers through their 9-day intensive Junior Leader Program. Targeting youth aged 12-17 years old, the 9-day intensive program is designed to assist youth in becoming accountable for their behaviour and decisions. In addition, Veteran Mentors runs a one-day face-to-face workshop for parents that is designed to complement the Junior Leader Program in addressing behavioural issues at home.

The Wings PR team has worked with Veteran Mentors to expand their media presence as well as increase public awareness of the programs they offer.

The Task:

  • Identify and create strategic media opportunities that highlight Veteran Mentors and the programs they offer with a focus on metropolitan and regional audiences
  • Create quality corporate videos to promote Veteran Mentors programs
  • Develop strategic communication documents, including processes and procedures, to support the organisation long-term