Popular Australian home décor brand Mocka offers a wide range of locally designed furniture, rugs, cushions, home decor and stunning home furnishing solutions; from bookshelves and office furniture to fun bedroom décor and living, dining, bedroom and office furniture. Read More

Royal Australian Navy

Dedicated to positively shifting organisational culture, in 2019 the Royal Australian Navy merged two key leadership and cultural directorates, forming the Directorate of Navy Culture. The merge incorporated New Generation Navy and the Directorate of Navy Leadership and Culture Development, to ensure more resources could be devoted to realising the leadership potential of Navy people and delivering on Chief of Navy’s culture program - NEXT Generation Navy. The Wings PR team is working with the Directorate of Navy Culture to produce inspiring, educational videos. Read More

MooGoo Skincare

MooGoo Skincare is a natural solution to irritable skin problems. Exporting from Australia to more than a dozen countries, MooGoo is led by Craig Jones who founded the company in 2005. The Wings PR team has supported MooGoo for more than two years, achieving both national and international media coverage for MooGoo and its sub-brands Dusty Girls - Makeup by MooGoo, Dr Zoo and A Bit Hippy. Read More

Sol Cleanse

Sol Cleanse creates high quality, organic cold-pressed juices to aid people in their journey towards holistic health. Using conscious and sustainable business practises, the juices are home-delivered to cleansers in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and most recently in Sydney. Wings PR has supported Sol Cleanse in the launch of their new Sydney kitchen as well as developing a strategy to promote the benefits of juice cleansing within the primary target market. Read More

James’ Homes Services

James’ Home Services is an Australian-owned residential and commercial cleaning and general home services provider. Caring for clients all over the nation, James’ Homes Services is an industry-leading franchise organisation. Read More

Veteran Mentors

Veteran Mentors is a group of ex-servicemen and women who are enhancing the lives of teenagers through their 9-day intensive Junior Leader Program. Read More

FEDOROV Family Lawyers and Family Mediation Station

FEDOROV Family Lawyers was founded by one of Queensland’s leading family law experts Marie Fedorov. The law firm takes an innovative, caring and personal approach, always aiming to help every client move ahead with their lives, free of legal burdens. Read More

Flowers on Tedder

Flowers on Tedder was established by Margot de Groot, a dedicated estates lawyer who decided to pursue her lifelong long of floristry in an imaginative new venture on the Gold Coast. Recognised as the Gold Coast’s top florist for the past three years, Margot is also the driving force behind the Main Beach Spring Flower Festival as well as a soon-to-launch subscription service that delivers fresh, seasonal flowers to client’s front doors weekly. Read More

Teachers2Teachers Global

Teachers2Teachers Global collaborates with local educators to develop resources, professional opportunities and culturally relevant support for teachers to inspire students worldwide. They have a history of collaboration with ORIGO Education, Australia's largest exporter of mathematics intellectual property. With this partnership, they have been able to provide opportunities for teachers in countries such as Nepal, Tanzania and many more. Wings PR developed a strategy to support the collaboration between Teachers2Teachers Global and ORIGO Education's media efforts, increasing awareness of their operations within the education community. Read More

Tonic Design

Tonic Design is a full-service architecture and interior design studio whose work embodies innovative and thoughtful design. Read More

Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre

Following a $5 million investment from the State Government, the Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre - now the BLK Performance Centre - was refurbished and modernised to attract Gold Coasters of all ages. Read More


Capgrow was founded in 2013 by Chris Louw and Abel Erasmus. With deep knowledge and expertise in commercial, industrial, retail and development projects, Abel and Chris created Capgrow with the intent to source well-positioned commercial, industrial and retail properties that suit both the tenants’ and investors' needs. Read More