Green Magic Homes (USA)

Green Magic Homes (USA) develop and market homes that offer a new type of ‘living with nature’ experience. Built with energy efficiency and high resiliency, these homes foster a sense of connectedness and belonging to nature. Green Magic Homes (USA) are earth-covered modules made with cutting-edge polymeric compounds and aerospace technology. Green Magic Homes (USA) have an institutional passion and dedication to ecological and social impact projects. Current projects globally include shelter technology for the defence industry and low-cost social housing for US government agencies. Read More


Coolon is a leading supplier of premium LED lighting in the harshest environments for Defence, mining, and heavy industry. Manufacturing in Australia, investing in strong R&D capabilities and driving industry-redefining innovation have always been the key values and the heartfelt vision at the core of Coolon. Read More

ECA Group

ECA Group has been a leading innovator and supplier of advanced technologies to Defence for almost 90 years. The privately-owned company has established a world class reputation for state-of-the art robotics, unmanned and remotely operated vehicles for land, sea and air operations. ECA Group supports more than 30 military navies and commercial maritime operations worldwide, enabling mission success and ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. Read More

Pacific Airshow Gold Coast

Since its launch in 2016, Pacific Airshow has grown to become the largest airshow in the United States by attendance attracting millions of spectators to Southern California every autumn. Spanning three days, the Airshow features the best in military and civilian flight demonstrations from teams all over the world. And now with its scheduled expansion to the Gold Coast of Australia in August 2023, Pacific Airshow will become the largest Airshow franchise in the world and the only Airshow to host two international editions. For more information, please visit Read More


Insitec is Australia’s tactical edge in the digital world and a vital link in the nation’s ICT backbone. Insitec's team of 200+ technical staff design, build and maintain critical IT architecture and communications systems that solve complex operating problems. They have partnered with Defence for more than 20 years. Their experience working with classified information and communications systems for the battlefield gives them the edge when it comes to engineering intelligent business systems for corporate and government enterprises and innovative solutions for emergency services nationwide. Read More

Department of Defence

The Australian Government’s Department of Defence identified the need to educate the public and Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) personnel about the dangers associated with Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). Read More

TerryWhite Chemmart Australia Fair

Rhonda and Terry White engaged Wings Public Relations to develop a comprehensive public relations campaign to support and promote the $1 million transformation of the TerryWhite Chemmart Australia Fair pharmacy in Southport. Read More


Popular Australian home décor brand Mocka offers a wide range of locally designed furniture, rugs, cushions, home decor and stunning home furnishing solutions; from bookshelves and office furniture to fun bedroom décor and living, dining, bedroom and office furniture. Read More

Seachange Lifestyle Resorts

Seachange Lifestyle Resorts is the leading innovator of lifestyle communities designed for active over 50s. Seachange has set the benchmark for retirement living, offering architecturally designed homes and luxurious facilities in prime locations where people can explore life passions, be creative and live the life they deserve. The Wings PR team is working with the Seachange Lifestyle Resorts team to discover the unique stories of residents living at their stunning resorts and promoting the benefits of living in such a vibrant community. Read More

Fifty ZOO

fifty ZOO is a global enterprise and government digital services company using User Experience led design and technology to help its customers create strategies, products and services that drive business and process improvement. Read More

ORIGO Education

ORIGO Education has established itself as Australia's greatest exporter of mathematics intellectual property. ORIGO Education is focused on creating a love of mathematics through publishing and covering all facets of primary mathematics education from traditional printed products to digital interactive resources and professional learning throughout the world. Wings PR has developed a strategy to support ORIGO Education's media efforts, increasing awareness of the company within the primary education community. Read More

Wesley Medical Research

In rural and remote communities, access to mental health services is substantially more limited than in metropolitan areas and tragically, rates of suicide and self-harm increase with remoteness. Wesley Medical Research is currently undertaking a three-phased research program, with the generous support of Mitsubishi Development, that aims to enhance access to mental health services and improve mental health outcomes in the Bowen Basin. Read More